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A puzzle is a problem with questions that test imagination, ability, calculation, and skill of the solver. Puzzles are often manipulated as a form of Entertainment, but they can also be treated as mathematical or logical problems in most of the cases. People with a high inductive reasoning mind they easily solve aptitude as well as in solving those puzzles. Puzzles may be solved by good deduction skills and interest to solve the puzzles. In general, there are several categories of puzzles. Puzzles boost minds activity and make the person always attentive and increase the memory power. Some of puzzles are, Logical puzzles that are helps to think in a logical way such as games knight’s tours in chess board, if people have the interest to solve problems it has some mathematical knowledge of solving technology so that is mostly used in mathematical puzzles that are finding missing number in a series, distance problems, missing number in a table, time problems. Some puzzles are made of some materials, plastic, metal, wood that are Rubik’s cube, soma cube, burr puzzle.

Then for children activity and easy mind game puzzles are in uber operating model a category of paper and pencil puzzles like maze puzzle, and dot’s combining puzzle result one image. Another mind game is Sudoku, people can see this game in all newspapers, it is famous and easy to learn logical- oriented number based puzzle, people should place numbers in an empty box in a logical way. Sudoku is expanded as ‘Su-ji wa dokushin ni kagiru’ that meant to be “the numbers must be single”. The origin of the Sudoku puzzle is Switzerland and the actual growth and familiar is started in Japan in 1986 after the game is published and named Sudoku by Nikoli. Sudoku has several variations, which may be grid sizes that are known to be mini Sudoku, then imposing additional conditions, Killer Sudoku, twin Sudoku, Hyper Sudoku, kaodoku, alphabetical Sudoku, and mathematics of Sudoku. When it comes to history it is from mathematical concept of Latin squares.

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These squares are basically used in statistical analysis. And many of them interested to solve the Sudoku, nowadays people can get Sudoku puzzle books and the growth indicating as Sudoku handheld games and Sudoku board games. The main objective of a puzzle is to fill in the grid, the steps are each row and each allotted box contained numbers that starts from one to nine. Normally the grid is nine cross nine using the numbers from one to nine, the separation of grids looks smaller people can fill it with one to four or one to six.

The tactics behind the game are it looks easy but sometimes difficult to crack the puzzle. They may confuse mind with puzzles, but as a player, it is fun to know the strategies by self-learning. Initial step is four by four grid to start and then move to six by six grid, the medium level has nine by nine grids and pre-placed few numbers and some clues to solve, then the next level is hard, it has fewer numbers in a place and people should think more to solve this session and strategies also applicable in this part. An extreme range of complicated puzzles is dedicated to experts and Demonly head teacher. Another mind game is crosswords; this is also a puzzle that is designed as a square, rectangular grid of black and white shaded squares. The game procedure is to fill the empty square with correct answers to letters, phrases or forming words. In that people can get a clue they mentioned the questions and clue so the gamer’s part is to find the answer by verifying and crosschecking the answers. In this game, some rules are given the answer should be placed left to right, top to bottom these and all asked so the answer should match with rows and columns. Then it has some shaded dummy squares used to separate the words and phrases. There are plenty of crossword puzzles that are Orthography, straight or quick, double clue lists, Meta puzzles, the first entries, Schrodinger or quantum puzzles, cryptic passwords, crossword themes, indirect clues. And the major crossword variation types are Cipher crossword, diagram less crosswords, fill-in crosswords, cross numbers, acrostic puzzles, and arrow word.

Questioning is easy but answering solving is difficult if it keeps in practice only we can get crack the puzzles. Generally, the solving technique includes some skills, the first and foremost skill is logical reasoning, when it comes to logical reasoning three important things people need to notice deduction, induction, abduction. This thing helps to solve the variety of different kinds of problems in a right way .deduction is focusing on the conclusion and using precondition analysis they first think about the conclusion.

This logic and logical reasoning are commonly preferred by mathematicians. The next technique is induction, people who think through the basic examples and then they came up with the solution with following the precondition. This type of prediction the resulting solution mostly preferred by scientists. The third thing is abduction it states that using conclusion and rule to support the precondition that leads to the conclusion. This method of logical reasoning is most preferred and used by diagnostics and detectives. These games are covered under the category of brain games it makes people think, use own strategy for solving those games and planning and frequent remembering of information that leads to defeat opponents.