1505913187Crosswords Crosswords origin is Britain and Netherlands. In their newspapers crosswords plays an important entertainment role and they targeted children because of their interest, it grows and several varieties have made. Crosswords are interesting games that have set of clues and M*M grid that holds answers for each question from left to right and top to bottom. There some varieties in it, those are openings, education, communication, collocations, abbreviations, language learning, colors, diamonds, Geoffrey giraffe, writing systems, American and British varieties of English, the asterisk, the seven continents, tools. Each model is different but the concept is same it leads to concentration and memory power and also increases the vocabulary act as spare time entertainment, crosswords are an effective way of practicing problem-solving method for children. It also improves mental health. Trivia knowledge is increasing while playing crossword. Anagrams, charades, reversals, containers of all mostly liked by children, they made this using basic cryptography knowledge, and clues are helping hands of this mind game. The types that exhibit if it is communication, that crossword is helping to know the new word, collocations help to find the unknown pair words bread and option is a dash, people think that is jam or butter, no clue given like this.