sudokuX4Sudoku is a brain game and logical thinking and problem-solving methodology should be needed and time too. Resolving a puzzle needs more patience and strategies, for solving Sudoku puzzle, there is no necessity of mathematical knowledge not even arithmetic knowledge but it lights up the thought-provoking number of mathematical problems. There are some Sudoku methods people can solve it online, that are X-Sudoku, stair step Sudoku, Even/odd Sudoku, Hyper Sudoku, Samurai Sudoku, 16*16 Sudoku. X-Sudoku is initial Sudoku concept, it has one to nine boxes, and player should fill the numbers in a blank cell. The difference between normal Sudoku and X-Sudoku is for both x-axis and y-axis diagonals of an x-Sudoku hold only one to nine at once. The stair step Sudoku is same as classic Sudoku but the morality is irregularly shaped regions, in this too people should fill numbers from one to nine. An odd/even is also from default Sudoku technique but it has darker grey cells and lighter grey cells, darker grey cells for even numbers and the lighter grey is for odd numbers. It is very easy while playing. Hyper Sudoku has thirteen regions in all one to nine number should occur at least once.